getting color right

When I had my first art show in San Francisco in 2001, the gallery walls were full of abstract expressionism. The colors sometimes looked great, and other times didn’t. My method and intention changed entirely, channeled into a singular exploration of optical harmony after discovering the modern evolution of the Bauhaus color course.

A color awakening occurred under the tutelage of Maui’s own color master, Dick Nelson who, as a student of Josef Albers’ evolved his famous color course using digital tools. In my obsession, I travelled Hawaii, the US and Europe, gave Ted like talks, shared tutorials, digitized color theory on websites, patented halation, created Apps, installed interactive art, all in an effort to bring forth the “laws of color”, these same revelations that lit up Van Gogh and many of the Impressionists over one hundred years ago.

With over a decade committed to sharing color revelations with every medium I could get my hands on, I am proud to finally release, Vision Thru Color,  the complete set of artwork available in limited edition prints.

Each piece in this collection is generated from blends of just four colors. I’ve created literally thousands of these blended color matrixes,  seeking optimum optical effects of color relationship. In short, this collection is the culmination of ten years seeking harmony and luminosity induced in our eyes.

As each piece is created with exhausting detail on a computer, for those interested in owning an original, the original is the Fine Art Digital Print. In limited editions of 20, each piece is printed with the highest quality archival ink and paper, mounted professionally to hang on your wall.

I look forward to chatting and finding just the right Vision Thru Color artwork for you.

Gabe Colors



Fifty archival limited Editions from each of the “Vision Thru Color” Collection are available

Color Creations and Installations

The Colorbox

The Colorbox, an interactive art installation, is a 10’x10’x10′ cube with projections on all four walls, allowing viewers to become participants by stepping inside the Colorbox and exploring color relationship and body movement.

Thousands have been colorboxed at TEDxMaui, Alchemeyez, SOURCE: Interactive Arts Festival, in the Modern Luxury Hawaii magazine  and The Maui Film Festival to name a few.

Color Is Relative

With over one million visits, will have you meditatively sliding your finger and melting your frontal lobes like million of others who have visited and experienced interactive optical effects like halation and after-image.


A social color sharing experiment, Huedoku is an App for your iPhone. Share your photos wrapped in a color puzzle. The Rosetta Stone for color, as Tetris is to shapes and Sudoku is to numbers, Huedoku is the language of color. Educational, challenging, addictive and fun, Huedoku is our Trojan Horse to evangelize color grammar and visual literacy.

Same Same or Different: Color Illusion App

Collected Artwork

‘Kihei’ selected for the Art Maui annual exhibition

Art Maui is an annual exhibition of juried art at the Shaeffer Gallery, Maui Arts and Cultural Center.

Two of the Vision Thru Color series have been selected.

“Autumn Elation”, 20″x30″, Fine Art Digital Print in the Art Maui 2010 exhibition.

“Kihei”, 30″x60″,  Fine Art Digitial Print in the Art Maui 2011 exhibition.

For a complete list of selected exhibitions see my biography.