Gabriel Mott is an artist riding the wave of the digital revolution by exploring light, color and human interaction. His paintings, sculpture, and interactive installations have been shown internationally. Before moving to Maui in 2003, he graduated with honors from UC Berkeley and worked in Silicon Valley with virtual reality. His studies with Maui color master Dick Nelson sparked an epiphany that led him to create the Colorbox, a room of color that responds to body movement. His work is in collections in the United States and Europe.

Mediums: Light, Digital Projection, Computer Render, Interactive digital, Video, Acrylic, Oil

July 2012, “Escher vs. Sparkle the Unicorn”, Projection Mapping, MACC, HI
June 2012, “The Colorbox”, ArT=Mixx, Maui Arts and Cultural Center, HI
February 2012, SOURCE: Interactive Arts Festival, HI
January 2012, “The Colorbox”,TedxMaui, HI
May 2011, “The Colorbox”, Alchemeyez Visionary Arts Congress, HI
February 2011, SOURCE: Interactive Arts Festival, HI
February 2011, Juried Show, Art Maui, HI
May 2010, Juried Show, Hui No’eau, Makawao, HI
February 2010, Juried Show, Art Maui, HI
February 2009, SOURCE: Interactive Arts Festival, HI
February 2008, SOURCE: Interactive Arts Festival, HI
October 2007: War and Peace, EpOxybOx, Venice, CA
June 2007: War and Peace Art Show, Elan Vital Gallery, Makawao, HI
April 2006: “Continuum”, Wailuku, HI

October 2004,  “The Cherish Tree” canvas,  Emeryville Celebration for the Arts, CA

Thanksgiving 2003, BassCamp Otto Schutt Foundation benefit for kids of Hunters Point, Tree of   Thanks (15′ canvas, acrylic on found city tree, interactive leaves of gratitude), Space SF, CA

September 2003, Burning Man: Beyond Belief, “The Cherish Tree” (8′ rebar structure with bamboo and prayer flags in 80′ wide horizontal space), sacred space manifesting personal desire, “The Black Box” (22 minute documentary), on racial diversity at Burning Man, Black Rock Desert, CA

June 2003, Health and Harmony Festival, “The Cherish Tree”  altar for closing circle, Santa Rosa, CA

August 2001, Fearless Journal: Heather Sullivan, The Art House, SF, CA


June 2011, “The Colorbox,” Maui Film Festival, HI

March 21, 2009, “Vision Thru Color” Visie Door Kleur, Huis Van Mijn Broer, Amsterdam

June-July 2004, “Mystical Street Art” — complete showing, fire lit cave painting, live jazz, fire ceremony, Olympic Circle Sailing Club, Berkeley, CA

April-May, 2003, “The Complete Body of Work: Gabriel Mott” featuring The Painter and The Poet (paintings and video documentary with poet, Jamey Austin), Tribute to Gary Payton, and The Cherish Tree (canvas) The Art House, San Francisco, CA